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Welcome to Media Planet X

      MPX TechSol is a complete multimedia & software solution centre.MPX specialises in providing solutions in Software, Multimedia & Web.MPX has a widespread work profile which ranges from Website design & development , TV Broadcasting , Software development, and Multimedia Presentation.The work often entails applying technology to solve business challenges.The challenges before the team daily are all about handling complicated projects with the best of their wisdom, knowledge, perception and careful thought.

      We aim to help our state Orissa in the IT sector by providing complete services in software development, Multimedia Presentation, Web designing, Internet Solution & customized engineering development in both software and hardware to involve those students who are still distance apart from technology .Information technology is a multidisciplinary area in the educational scenario and programs have been developed at MPX to meet the growing demand for trained manpower for any meaningful IT-activity in the country.MPX is an internet livewire, finalizing the plans for computer education and other related applications. We provide multimedia training, e-education and other holistic activities remain accountable to the students, teachers, employees, and the society as a whole.

"Keeping furtherance of knowledge in various disciplines of computer subjects is our primary goal."

Web Hosting
MPX provides economical hosting solutions for static or dynamic websites, portals, and e-business websites in Windows or Linux Platforms. Our servers are 24x7 up and working. We offer flexible range of web hosting prices to satisfy your requirement and budget.
Web Design
A website can be a powerful marketing and communication platform not only for large but also for medium and small enterprises. It is capable of connecting your business effortlessly with existing and potential clients around the globe.

Design Solutions
Our design solutions encompass:
      Logo Designing
      2D Animation
      3D Animation
      Brochure Making
      Advertisement Designing
      Documentary Making
      Video Promo Design
MPX provides TV broadcasting software which caters all the modern day needs of the channels. The software supports all kinds of video formats and is also equipped with Macromedia Shockwave Flash. It also has the best in class scheduling mechanism
MPX Software
We provide custom software solutions according to the client’s business requirements. Our application development service team works with our clients to develop tightly specified applications that ensure growth and reduced costs as well as provide full lifecycle support.
MPX Training includes a curriculum of courses which ensure to give you a better life and a prosperous career in challenging multimedia arena. Our courses are tailored as per the reqquirements of the industry. We also offer placements to our students in various companies.